Thursday, December 04, 2008


Tragic Death on Oregon Coast. Fiance washed to sea at Proposal Rock near Neskowin, Oregon.

The Oregon Coast was the scene of a very tragic death this week when a bride to be from the Phillippines, only 3 days into a trip where she was to marry an Oregon man, was swept out to see literally minutes before the man was to propose to her at Proposal Rock near Neskowin along the Oregon Coast.

Her fiance, an Oregonian from the area, wanted to propose at Neskowin's "Proposal Rock", a popular place to pop the question along the Oregon Coast. The tide had receded enough for the couple to make their way out but a large wave about 3 feet knocked the small woman down and swept her out to sea. Rescuers were on the scene in minutes thanks to a call from a local on the beach but the woman has not yet been found and is presumed dead.

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