Thursday, November 20, 2008


Winter on the Oregon coast

Sequence of waves along Oregon coast
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My favorite time to visit the Oregon Coast *by far* is the late fall and winter, when the wave action is nothing short of spectacular, especially at places like Devil's Churn, Cape Arago, and the many other rocky shoreline areas.

The surf in winter along much of the Oregon Coast has waves topping 20 feet pounding into the rocks, shooting spray up 100 feet and more. Storms add to the excitement but even on relatively calm days you can find great spots to sit and wonder at the sheer power of tons of water crashing into the rocks every few seconds.

For Beachcombers the Oregon Coast winter brings a wealth of fascinating biology and treasure, especially in areas where tidepools fill with sea anemones, starfish, and other creatures while you're much more likely to find great shells and agates - the variegated semiprecious stones that form in cavities of other rocks and then drop out as stone masses are broken down by the sea.

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