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Oregon Coast: Cape Foulweather

Ocean beauty
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Looking north at Cape Foulweather this beautiful shot seems inconsistent with the name of this famous Oregon landmark.

Cape Foulweather was discoverd and named in 1778 by the famous British navigator Captain James Cook. It was at this Point that Captain Cook first sighted the mainland of North America on the Pacific Coast, and one of the sudden storms which greeted his arrival almost put an end to his historical expedition. The fierceness of the storm is reflected by the name he gave this rugged landmark - Cape Foulweather. Oregon's magnificent coast is as dangerous as it is beautiful, and during bad weather in the winter the Oregon Coast is hazardous to small and large craft alike. Many lighthouses guard the Oregon Coast but shipwrecks, especially small fishing craft, are still common along the coast especially during winter.

The Cape Foulweather Lookout is perched atop the promontory from which this picture was taken, which rises 500 feet above sea level.

From here you see the crashing surf along the shore, sea birds nesting on the rocks, sea lions basking in the sun, fleets of fishing boats in search of salmon, ocean liners whose wisps of smoke string out along the far horizon. Whale Watching, unbelievable sunsets, and in winter visitors enjoy the peaceful calm which follows the violence of a sudden storm.

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