Saturday, September 06, 2008


Oregon Coast Viewpoint along Highway 101

Oregon Coast
Originally uploaded by Darin Barry
The Oregon Coast offers those who drive the byway hundreds of turnoffs like this one with views that vary as much as the wonderful natural features of Oregon. Spruce and fir forests, towering cliffs and sea stacks, and wide sandy beaches are all here.

My personal favorite spot on the coast - though there are many superb places - is Devil's Churn just across from the Cape Perpetual lookout. A short hike down from Highway 101 also known as the Pacific Coast National Scenic Byway, takes you down to the shorline where volcanism has created a long narrow passage of hundreds of feet. If the tide is right and the surf is big the waves crash into this area like a freight train - gushing in and out of the Devils Churn in spectacular fashion. I'll try to find a photo of the Churn for the next post.

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