Thursday, February 01, 2007


We think this is cold

It's been cold here. OK, cold by the standards of the Oregon Coast, if not the Pacific Northwest. Let alone Fairbanks. But we're not used to a lot of frosty mornings. I made an effort to time my firewood gathering so I would run out of dry, conveniently placed wood around May 15, when it stops making sense even to take the chill off the morning. I was probably a little enthusiastic, but there are always people who want a few extra bundles late in the winter, so it should work out. I have a lot more down, mostly bucked up, some of it split. It's out in the woods and I should get it into the warm sunshine so that by the middle of September, I can shelter it and it will be well seasoned for next winter.

People buy Oregon Coast real estate in order to have experiences like this.

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