Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Visiting Astoria

One of the things you notice about old City Halls is that they have a much grander notion of what city government represents than the modern ones. Here in Florence, we have a modes, utilitarian building that you will leave town and never remember. In Astoria, the citizens built a Big One in 1904. It's still in existence today, looking out grandly over Astoria at the corner of 16th and Exchange, but the city offices have moved on. Now it houses the Heritage museum, which displays the region's heritage from the days when it was populated only by Indians through the explorers and later the pioneer farmers, loggers, and fishermen.

There are some interesting bed and breakfasts around Astoria. One of them is the Uppertown Bed and Breakfast. Another is the Rosebriar Inn. There are a number of nice hotels in Astoria as well, but you can try one of these for an even cozier experience.

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