Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Siletz Bay

Siletz Bay is a very interesting place. It's cut off from the Pacific by the Salishan Spit, which extends all the way from Gleneden Beach almost to the Inn at Spanish Head. Over the years, many huge stumps have floated down the river and become stuck in the mud. It's a wonderful place for birds. In fact, a lot of marsh land is included in Siletz Bay National Wildlife Refuge, some of the most scenic estuarine habitat along the Pacific Coast Scenic Byway. When you finish viewing wildlife, you can have a super dinner at the Bay House Restaurant. This is definitely one of Lincoln City's best.

As a resident of Florence, I have not been as far north as Siletz Bay.

However, after reading your description, I intend to drive up there and view the estuarine habitat you mentioned.

Living on the edge of an estuary has piqued my interest in such places.

It's quite a beautiful place, Zacch. Last year, my fiance and I stayed at The Salishan where the view of the Bay is quite good. We enjoyed watching the tide go in and out as well as the many species of birds that we found there.

The Oregon Coast is a great place for birding. Situated on the Pacific Flyway, we are fortunate to see birds on their migration north and south. This Lincoln City estuary is the feeding grounds for many migratory birds and is well-worth the visit.

Recently, the Oregon Coast Birding Trail was established. Sites up and down the coast of Oregon have been put under this umbrella. Birding trips along the coast have been made simpler by this wonderful brochure and a pdf version can be found on their website. Check it out.
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