Saturday, January 06, 2007


Different kinds of Good Weather

"There's no such thing as bad weather," said John Ruskin, "only different kinds of good weather." That's the sort of positive attitude that carries you through winter on the Oregon Coast. Certainly there are many kinds of weather to enjoy. We just had hail on Thursday that turned everything white for half an hour. Pea-sized puppies. I'm glad I wasn't playing golf or something.

And we're getting some pretty good wind as well. Angelia Moor, one of our ad reps, just moved to a condo on the oceanfront in Rockaway Beach from the safety of her home in Lake Oswego. Just in time for some near-hurricane winds.

One of the great things out here, for sure, is that the weather is always changing. Inland, you can go for long periods with gloomy weather, but on the coast, there's always a sunny patch between storms. Usually even between squalls. It can get seriously wet, of course, but it's always an adventure.


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