Friday, January 19, 2007


Beach Cleanup

The Great Oregon Beach Cleanup, organized by SOLV, is designed to give the beaches of the Oregon Coast a sprucing up twice a year. Volunteers comb the beaches for litter and bring it to collection stations in garbage bags. Some of the stuff is too large to handle this way, and every year the list of unusual items is pretty impressive. During the Fall 2006 cleanup, items retrieved included a refrigerator, the roof of an outhouse, a magic wand, a box of Cuban cigars, a harmonica, and a sailboat.

In an era when we ask ourselves sometimes whether there are enough public spirited people in Oregon to make a difference, the beach cleanups routinely gather more than 3000 volunteers for this day of work. It will be even more impressive if we ever see Wren Smart out on the beach doing a good deed for someone else.


Your description of the SOLV volunteers on the Oregon coast reminds me of clean-up day in Kodiak, Alaska. As a newspaper photographer, I got a shot of some volunteers in action and captioned it, "Good people picking up after bad."

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