Tuesday, November 07, 2006


The Restaurant at Sandpines Golf

After bursting on the scene about 10 years ago, scoring "Best New Public Golf Course" from Golf Magazine in its first year, Sandpines has had an up and down history. Its first owners went broke and it second Japanese owner also ran out of cash to finish it. So for years, it was a spectacular course with a "clubhouse" that was basically a manufactured home.

Now it's got the kind of clubhouse it deserves. Unfortunately, it seems that in at least one area, they've cut corners. Several people have told me that the restaurant is overpriced and the food barely adequate. People who spend the kind of money that it costs to play a round at Sandpines aren't generally going to quibble about the cost, but they expect something special at the prices Sandpines is charging. Hopefully, this is something they'll take care of.

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