Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Historic Anchor Inn

I was driving along Highway 101 in Lincoln City, when I noticed a new sign by the road. "Historic Anchor Inn," it said. That seemed odd, since I couldn't remember any lodging there at all in the past, so I turned in to check it out.

Originally built in the 1940's as the Taft Heights Motor Inn, it had been simply the Anchor Inn for many years and, in the words of its present owner Kip Ward, "the worst motel in Lincoln City." Kip has had it for nine months and is completing renovating it.

And it's looking good! He took one wing with sixteen rooms sharing baths and has converted it to eight suites -- bedroom, bath, and sitting room. The place is full of character and old wood, but the bedding, plumbing, and so forth are all new and first class. Yet it's cheap! Also easy to get a reservation, since almost nobody seems to know about it yet. Call him at 800-582-8611.

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