Tuesday, December 07, 2010


OHWY.mobi - Travel the coast with your phone

Online Highways Mobi at OHWY.mobi is our new Oregon Coast Mobile application that helps travelers find their way along the Oregon Coast, especially along Highway 101 - the Pacific
Coast Scenic Byway. We're also starting to feature location information for California and Washington.

Although Online Highways MOBI is not very impressive on a big computer screen (for information from a computer or larger screen go to our Oregon Coast Travel website), OHWY.mobi will help travelers use their phone to find all kinds of helpful information as they travel along the magnificent Oregon Coast from the "Wild Rivers Coast" in the South to the mouth of the Columbia River in the north. Hotels, restaurants, and attractions are all featured in a simple phone friendly format, easily accessible from your car or while hiking.

Online Highways Mobi is at this link: OHWY.mobi .

For more about the Oregon Coast - go to our Oregon Coast Travel website

For more about the Pacific Coast Scenic Byway go HERE

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